Blue Moon, Ltd.

Copyright License Agency Service

Many kinds of copyrighted material, such as publications in Japanese or English, or images (pictures), are used in examinations (e.g. university entrance examinations). Before previously used examination questions can be used again, it is obligatory to obtain permission for their use from the rights holders.
Blue Moon Ltd. is an agency which handles licensing agreements covering copyrighted materials. We provide a wide range of services related to copyright matters such as investigations of copyrighted material and its rights holders, identifying the proper point of contact for requesting licensing agreements, requesting permission to use copyrighted materials, taking care of taxation matters on behalf of our clients or providing payment services.
In addition to having successfully delivered copyright processing services covering past entrance examination questions for universities and preparatory schools, we have earned a good name and reputation among our clients also for editing textbooks and television broadcasting images as well as other related services.
Let us, Blue Moon Ltd., help you avoid business risk by efficiently taking care of copyright legalities, allowing you to concentrate on what you are best at.


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