Blue Moon, Ltd.





Blue Moon, Ltd.

is an agency which handles license agreement for foreign copyrighted material.

We acquire permission for the use of copyright materials on behalf of our clients. We also offer consultation and assist

on related issues for your own in-house procedures.

With a Japanese decline of the birthrate, the educational business environment has suffered unfavourably in recent years, it can be a

huge risk for any business to receive negative publicity, especially from poor compliance such as copyright

infringement. In fact, there are many cases recorded of law suits where liability has been found and punished by heavy

financial compensation.

Blue Moon, Ltd. assists your business in obtaining copyright clearance. We acquire permission on your behalf for the use of

material which has previously come up in entrance examinations. We also offer seminars on all other related issues to

educate and assist you in dealing with the use of copyright material.

We have assisted in a wide range of literary work related cases for higher education institutions and publishers, and

are proud of our reputation for achieving fast and successful results regarding the process of English Language

copyrighted works.

So let us here at Blue Moon, Ltd. help you avoid the business risk by efficiently taking care of copyright legalities, leaving

your business free to do what you do best.

Representative Director

Toshiaki Anan



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